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ValoreyMedia is a a full-service digital agency that takes businesses to a new level with marketing strategies that are up-to-date and relevant in the year we live in. We partner with savvy business owners who know the value of having an agency in their corner while they focus on growing their business. 

Valorey Salter

Valorey Salter


Valorey Salter is a fiercely unique social media powerhouse. She has a very unique ability to say a lot in very little words and never misses an opportunity to make you laugh. She has been specializing in social media management for 8 years and has a BSBA in Marketing.

She uses a very strategic social media management approach to engage the audience, grow a following, generate leads,  and convert prospects to customers for savvy business owners in the United States.



Valorey generates massive social media followings by posting on purpose and using her clever copy-writing skills to help you sell more and grow faster.

She has consulted with other marketing agencies and help them with various projects including, but not limited to: The Hangout Music Festival, Coastal Christmas, Shrimp Festival, etc.

She creates social media marketing plans that successfully increase page likes and engagement in very short period of time.

She has a specialty of growing large audiences for niche specific industries. Her ability to take your brand, your core values, your customers and their buying habits to assist business owners like you close succesful marketing campaigns unlike any other.

Valorey took a very poorly ran Facebook page with under 700 likes to over 10,000 likes in less than a year, with some posts reaching upwards of 150,000-600,000 people using organic content, and no paid advertising in a very competitive social market.


Valorey has worked with our company with many many marketing contracts! She is fast, reliable, and SPOT on when I️t comes to knowing exactly what we need! Goin’ Coastal Services will continue to use Val on projects! We highly recommend her! Angie Lowell

CEO, Goin' Coastal


When my clients succeed, I succeed. I’ve spent the better part of the last eight years learning the ins and outs of digital marketing. I test strategies until I find what works. I will not settle for mediocre results. Results do vary from client to client and industry to industry, as well as the risks they are willing to take. Ready to get started? Let’s take your business to the next level.





Results vary from client to client and industry to industry and cannot be guaranteed. If you are looking for massive results, you need to take a greater risk. Valorey highly recommends Facebook ads. During your follow-up meeting, she will discuss an affordable monthly budget with highly targeted social advertising. For a free consultation and review of your current digital marketing strategy, send Valorey a message to schedule your appointment.
The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Mark Zuckerberg

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