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Best Ways to Make Extra Money with a Side Hustle

Whether you are looking for a way to make money to pay a bill, save for a special occasion, or just put some money back in your savings, our online world provides a plethora of ways to make extra money on the side much faster than going door to door or flipping through the old wanted ads in newspapers.

Side hustles consist of an exchange of time for money, goods for money, or even digital products that lead to passive income.

The need and desire to make more money often comes from a place of scarcity or fear of scarcity, but it can also come from a genuine place of your income being a reflection of how many people you are helping. The more people you genuinely and authentically help solve a problem in exchange for money, the more money you make.

It’s just math.

It’s also reducing the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck. Hoping and praying you have enough for groceries after paying your rent/mortgage, insurance, and utilities. Creating a monetary cushion for the “just in case”, “emergencies”, and those “SURPRISE” bills.

Side hustles don’t always lead to riches and extreme wealth, but you’d be amazed at the doors that will open when you just start creating.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make extra money, I got you! From outside the home to working from home, this blog post has the basics covered.

I have spent the last few years trying my hands in different revenue generating “side hustles”. I failed and failed again, but I also learned what I would do and absolutely would NOT do for extra income. Along my journey, I discovered I had a natural gift of social media. So, I freelanced social media marketing and it snowballed into a full service marketing agency. But social media wasn’t all that I did.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you some legitimate ways to make money. I’m NOT going to tell you any of this is easy or won’t require effort or ongoing work.

Some of these “side hustles” can lead to full-time incomes, or a thriving business as it did for me.

Best Ways to Make Extra Money with a Side Hustle

1. Flipping & Listing

The first and fastest ways to make money is by flipping and listing products you buy at a reduce price, or even getting for free and selling for a profit. Spending a few hours on a Saturday morning at local yard sales could generate you a nice profit.

You can’t just go and get anything and everything. You have to do your research. With the internet at the palm of our hands at all times, a quick glance at eBay or Facebook Marketplace will show you what is selling and what isn’t, as well as if the purchase is worth it. You never know what kind of gold you will come across. 

Watch this video of Gary Vaynerchuk flipping items from yard sales.

You can also look at the clearance section in stores, check out thrift stores, and even your very own home. There is something very cathartic about purging we don’t love or have to have. Usually, I would just bag up everything and donate it because it was easier. I still donate, but when my little family has a goal that requires saving up money, we get resourceful.

You’d be surprised to find out what maintains value and what gains value over the years.

Some of the most profitable household items I have sold have been re-purposed furniture and medical scrubs.

If you don’t have money to invest to buy an item to flip, check out the free sections of sales sites and see what people are giving away. I watched a live video a few months back of a guy in New York City who went and picked up a free chair, took it home to clean it up a little bit, and sold it for $50 in just a few minutes after listing it. The ten minutes he spent going to pick up the chair and five minutes he spent wiping off the chair generated enough profit for him to buy groceries for the week.

Listen to me. Let me be VERY clear! USE CAUTION WHEN BUYING FROM STRANGERS ONLINE. Meet in public places, have someone go with you, keep your phone on you at all times, and research best practices for buying items off of the internet safely! 

What would an extra $50 a week do for you? That’s $200 a month, and $2,600 a year. Groceries, power bill, cell phone bill, gas, student loans? What would that do?

Now double that.

Now triple that.

What would that do for you or your family?


2. Recycling

Recycling can be tedious and can take a long time, but it’s worth it for not only your pocket, but Mother Nature. When you need money, there is no shame in recycling.

Have an old junker car in your yard? Scrap it. You can make an easy $300+ on the low end and have someone come and get the scrap metal out of your yard if you do not have a way.

Glass bottles in some states, aluminum cans can be recycled anywhere, ink cartridges, car batteries, and electronics (even if they no longer work) can generate some cash for you if you do your research. Get creative.

What else do you have laying around? Do you have an abundance of dishes you would never use even if you invited every one you know over to eat? 50 shirts hanging in your closet and only wear 4-5 of them? Sell them.


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Take a stroll along a public beach or park. While you’re enjoying the relaxing scenery, pick up the trash left behind. Save the environment, save your pocket.

3. Cleaning Services

I know a few people who have very successful cleaning companies that started as a side hustle. Even if cleaning things for people isn’t in your wheelhouse for a long term gig, as it is extremely hard work both mentally and physically, but it can pay very well.

Cleaning residential homes, vacation rentals, or long term rentals that are between tenants is a great way to make money. A good way to get cleaning experience is to get on with an established cleaning company and pick up a couple of jobs. Most cleaning companies pay a set rate by property size or bedrooms so what you make an hour depends on how fast you work. Oftentimes, you would be a 1099, contracted laborer, meaning no taxes would be taken out of your check and you’d be responsible. Some contact jobs require you to be insured, so be aware and do some research on what is required for your state and local government, or equivalent for your area.

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I have a friend that cleans a home once a week and it takes her less than 2 hours. She gets paid $150 each time she cleans, which is an extra $600 per month outside of her full-time job.


4. Blogging

Now we’re getting into something I have mastered. I’ve flipped and listed, I’ve cleaned beach homes, I’ve recycled, but nothing is more challenging to my creative side than marketing my passion of writing.

I have always enjoyed writing and have accomplished many writing goals a lot of writers dream of like being published. My first article was published when I was in the 9th grade on the front page of section B of our local newspaper. My quirky story with embellishments and slapstick humor about the day the lights went out at school caught the eye of local newspaper editor.

After I graduated high school, I continued to write freelance. I dabbled in blogging and did very well a few years ago when a blog post I wrote about anxiety went viral. With over 8,000 shares at the last glance, the website that hosted by blog posts “accidentally” deleted my account and it was never recovered.

I continued to blog for previous employers and some of my marketing clients.

If you love to write, create some writing samples, or even get a free blog , like WordPress or Blogger, set up to show off your writing skills. The more proof you have, the more your skill set will be desired.

When being hired by an agency to freelance blog writing, stand your ground on your fees. Many will try to undercut you for their profit even though you’re doing the work. They may  want to pay you 5-10 cents per word to write and make them an excessive profit margin. Do your due diligence on going rates based on your skill level. Know that when being contracted through an agency, your rate will need to be lower than you would charge direct to a client.

You can also get freelance blogging jobs on sites like Fivrr and Upwork. The amount of freelancers to employers is extremely competitive. Don’t bet too low, or too high. Most employers go the route of mid-line pricing for best quality.

You can also monetize your blog with affiliate links to products you sell or recommend. You can also set your website up to display ads once you get enough traffic flowing to your website. Most ads require a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month before they will display on your website. Be careful how you decide to display ads as you don’t want your page to look like a spam site. You can get paid by link clicks or link clicks that result in purchases. This is not quick money. You have to think of this as a marathon and are committed to following through the process.

5. Social Media Marketing

Where I got my real start to making money “online” was by offering social media marketing services.

I stayed true to my gift and only offered what I had mastered. I picked one platform at a time until I understood it inside and out. In the beginning, I offered my services for free to a few friends who are business owners just to get experience. After a few months, the checks started rolling in. It wasn’t a lot considering how much time I was spending, but at least I was getting something.

I started offering my services to more businesses and started adding to my portfolio. I actually share how to start freelancing social media services in my free Facebook group, Social Academy.

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In conclusion, when it comes to making money from a side hustle, there are endless opportunities for you to make money instead of spending your days off stressing out about money or betting it all on the lottery. As you see from this short and very brief list of side hustles, it takes no more than a few hours a week to generate enough income to cover even just one bill or some extra spending money.

Where ever you are in life, whatever you need desire to do with your life and for your family, remember there are ways to make things happen. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, you have to eat dirt to get to where you want to be. Just know that the middle sucks for everyone and you’re not alone. Choose something, be consistent, be the best at it, and raise your prices along the way. Maybe one day, you can hire people to do the stuff you don’t like to do and the rest will be cake. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the dirt while I grow my empire.