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Case Studies 1Q 2019 Social Media Marketing

Case Studies 1Q 2019 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management Case Studies for the 1st Quarter 2019 by Valorey Media

I’m a numbers person. As a type A and highly competitive person, I thrive off of numbers.

When it comes to social media marketing, you have to pay attention to your numbers because they, in turn, relate to your ROI.

When a prospective client asks about how you actually know you’re getting an ROI from your investment in social media management services, the answer is easy… it’s all in the numbers.

There is a saying that says in order to make money, you need to spend money, and that is very true. You have to invest not only money, but time, faith, and patience as your business grows or even becomes a business. You get to this area where you start gaining momentum and next thing you know, you’re in your sweet spot!

Sales are happening. Money is coming in. You get so busy you have to hire or outsource talent to serve your customers. Now you’ve looped back into the spending money to make money loop. You’ve learned the pattern and you’re figuring it out, but then the market starts to change.

These days, the market changes faster than it ever has. The ability for me to sit at my desk and type this blog post is just one example of how fast the market changes. Soon, the case studies you see below will have new data. One day that data will be irrelevant and I’ll have to find other numbers to fuel my inner nerd.

But for now, I want you to see what the POWER of ORGANIC social media marketing can do for your business all on social media.

When I say ORGANIC, I mean I am posting content to my clients social media accounts without any paid ads. The traffic that ended up on their social media posts occurred without having to pay the platforms to put the post in front of them.

Let’s take a look at what GOOD, QUALITY content can do for your business, but the secret is trial and error until you find what works. We found what works!

Case Study A

Client A has Facebook and Instagram as their primary platforms for social media management and has been a client for 9 months.

Facebook accounted for an increase of 8,500 engagements making an organic increase of 297.19%!

Facebook page likes increased by 150 fans.

Instagram engagement increased 662%, with the majority increase taking place from mid-February to the end of March.

Instagram grew by 343 followers

Case Study B

Client B has Facebook only and has been a client for 2 years. Client B is a very small business with a very defined local audience.

This client has an organic audience growth of 96 fans making them consistently increasing month over month.

Client B has seen an increase of memberships to their local organization with members reporting they learned of Client B through Facebook.

Case Study C

Client C has been a client for 18 months and is on Facebook only at the moment. We are currently in talks of adding another platform as they are extremely happy with their results.

Client C is another very small business with an even more defined audience. Their services are unique and they serve the local community township.

Client C had an increase of 25 fans in the first 3 months of 2019, all of whom live in this small town they serve. You may think that is small in comparison to the other numbers, however their sales in house will tell you otherwise.

Their engagement on their Facebook page increased over 70% with nearly 10,000 likes, comments, and shares from 1Q19!

Client C is reporting a significant increase of sales over last year and they having to hire 3 new employees! Their new customers are also reporting hearing about them through Facebook.

Case Study D

Client D, again, is on Facebook only for 1Q19, but is adding LinkedIn for 2Q19. Client D has been a client for 1 year.

Client D’s social media plan is very light. We post once a week for them, but have increased to 2 posts per week at the request of the client beginning this month.

In just 14 posts, we were able to generate an increase of 42 fans and just over 1,500 actions on their page. Actions meaning fans took an action on via a like, comment, or share.

What is funny about this client is that they thought their target audience was men 25-44. After a few months, it was suspect that their target audience was nearly opposite of their assumption. Women between the ages of 35-54 not only made up their followers, but made up their purchasing clientele!

I’m telling you, it’s all in the numbers! They excite me. They challenge me. They fuel me to DO BETTER and DO MORE for my clients.

One more? Ok let’s see it!

Case Study E

Client E has been a client just over 3 years. We started slow with their social media marketing plan until they were comfortable and started to gain some trust in social media.

Client E is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The total engagement growth includes over 6,000 NEW actions, with a 300% increase over the previous quarter! NO PAID ADS! NO BOOSTED POSTS!

Their sales are up 225%. The incoming calls are up. The contact form submissions are up from 5 per month to 5 per day! Their website visitors are up from 200 per month to over 5,000!

Did we DO MORE and DO BETTER for the client? Of course we did!

The numbers speak for themselves!

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