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Email Marketing

Far from popular belief, email marketing is NOT dead. People are tired of spam. The definition of spam in this day and age is not just unsolicited emails. Learn more below.

An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Inboxes are busy. Give your recipient a reason to open your email. It’s not always about the subject line. Just seeing your name should be reason enough to open and read.

Personalized For Them

A personalized email isn’t just a tag code to auto-fill the recipient’s name. Speak to them directly. Solve their problem. Offer a solution. Get them a reason to reply to your email and engage with you. Create a relationship with your email subscribers.

The Design

It’s not always about the message, but the imagery and the copy that strike emotion. How you layout an email and the imagery you use does more for reader than you might know. It’s more than just pleasing to the eye. It’s a trust factor. Allow them to trust you. Then call them to action.

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