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Marketing. Are You Marketing In The Year We Live In?

Marketing, yes marketing in 2018.

Fifteen years ago while you were most likely choosing your top friends on MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg was diligently creating what we have all come to love or hate… Facebook.

When I started my first Facebook profile in 2004, I was really impressed. I knew this platform was going to open a lot of doors. I was still in a phase of my life where I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew that this social platform was going to have something to do with it. By the way, I was 24 with 2 small kids, going through a divorce, and bartending.

Back in 2008-9ish, it was a lot of fun to become “friends” with your favorite brands back then. They didn’t have Facebook business pages, so you could literally be friends with them. I remember firing up my laptop and seeing a notification that one of my favorite brands had responded to a comment I made on one of their posts. That one response forever changed the way I viewed Facebook as more than just a social network to share funny pictures and status updates.


I jumped to Google and searched for universities and colleges that offered marketing degrees online. I wanted to learn anything and everything I could about marketing. I found a college that suited my needs and was adaptable to my schedule. Our internet was spotty at home, but I was able to access and had permission to do my online classes at work. I was working nights in a hospital at a time and often had a couple hours of downtime where my only duty was to answer the phone. 2-4 AM was my sweet spot.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Fast forward a few years later and now a college graduate with a degree in business marketing, but the information I had already soaked in was becoming obsolete. I had to stay ahead of the game if I was going to be successful in marketing and I needed to absorb as much information as possible through whatever means I could find it. I bought excessive amounts of books, glued myself to YouTube videos of advanced marketers and fell in love with audio-books and podcasts. It was a win-win.

Everything I learned I put to practice. I created several pages and tried all of the theories other marketers had taught me. I obsessed with learning algorithms and what makes people tick. What makes them click that like button?  I started asking my friends who were business owners if I could manage their social media marketing for free. I had to learn more. Many of them said SURE! I taught some of them how to do it themselves, and others insisted that I be a paid contractor for them. I started getting paid for my passion. How cool is that?!

There were a few friends that told me no because they felt social media wasn’t long term. Sadly, those that said that are no longer in business. They weren’t marketing in the year we live in.

Traditional Marketing

It’s not 1997 anymore where we dump loads of money into print, radio, TV, and billboards. The most successful businesses are going all in on social and diversifying. Traditional marketing is way overpriced. Although some clients refuse to give up on traditional marketing, if they would be receptive to reallocating their marketing budget to put more into social media marketing, they could really see their ROI. Resistance comes when people fall in love with the way they have always made money and their compensation comes from being tied to their quarterly results. Then when they don’t meet their numbers they blame it on the economy.

Never blame your customers for your piss poor results. If you aren’t serving them where they are, they will not reciprocate. Change comes from the top. My advice is to push the envelope a little more so you are setting your business up for success.

The Long Term Plan

Social media and social media marketing is a long term plan that needs to go into effect immediately. If you’re only using Facebook, you need to diversify and get on as many platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and SnapChat, as you possibly can and use it daily. Social media is your greatest tool that has the greatest potential to touch the most people possible.

Remember, social media marketing is a long term plan. Think of it as a marathon. You’re not going to become a viral sensation overnight and you don’t just create viral posts. You don’t get to decide what is viral. The people do. Give them a reason to know, like and trust you. Give them a reason to share, not just a call to action and not just a freebie/chance to win something.

Why People Share

One thing that has stayed the constant is emotion. People are provoked to buy things based on emotion. They buy a home because they need to have a roof over their head. They buy a car so they can drive where they need to go. They buy food because they need to live. They buy that candy bar in the checkout line even though they have a buggy full of groceries because of an emotion. They are either rewarding themselves or treating a pain. Why do we share pics of our food or funny animal videos? Why do we share pics of our kids going back to school?


We share what we care about. We share or tag people in posts that are relevant to them. For example, a friend is looking for a piece of furniture they can’t find any where locally. Someone posts that same piece of furniture on Facebook Marketplace, you see it and tag that friend. A sale is made and friend is thrilled.

How can you market your product or service to provoke emotion and get your audience to engage?

Engage with them. Find out what they want. Give them a reason to engage with you, not just buy from you. Remember, social media is a marathon. It’s the same reason you should engage with window shoppers. Show them who you are and what you’re made of so they will return when they are ready to buy.

Never chase a sale. People who feel pressured into buying something whether they give in and buy or walk away, will never buy again.

The point of business is to have repeat customers. Happy customers. Those are the customers that like, comment, and share. No clever copywriting skills can alter that. You could have the worst grammar and unclear, blurry photos in the world and they will still engage. Why? Service.

Good customer service is a good thing. Excellent customer service is a rarity and that gets shared.

Bad customer service… well… that has the potential to go viral, but that isn’t the kind of attention that you want.

Evaluating Your Social Media Marketing

Take about 20 minutes of your day and really take a look at your social media accounts for your business. Don’t just look at your analytics. Look at your posts from the prospective of a potential customer/client. Look at the engagement on your posts. If the only likes you’re getting is from your employees, or even worse.. the employees of the marketing agency that does your social media for you (don’t get me started)… it’s not effective. It’s time to take a new approach.

Is every post a sales post? They gotta go.

Want to know what sells? Stories. Stories sell.

I do offer a free social media audit. No obligation to buy anything from me. It’s a complimentary service I provide in hopes of making social better tomorrow. Fill out this form and I will give you some of my valuable time.

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