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Personal Branding

When most people think of a personal brand, they think logo and professional photos. The truth is that is a very small part of personal branding. Read below to learn more.

Your Brand Identity

The proper management of your social media channels begins with knowing and understanding your brand identity and your mission. As your social media manager, I am very selective as to what is published and how it will effectively promote your business by the standards of your core values. If you don’t have a personal brand, I have access to world class branding coach. Contact me to learn more!

The Branding Strategy

When your brand is on point, you are in the hearts and homes of your loyal customers. They are speaking your truth, promoting your business, and using your hashtags. It’s important that your brand matches from the inside out. While you focus on growing your business, I handle how your business appears on social media. Together we will create a buzz and your customer will not be able to get enough!

Your Brand ImageĀ 

Once we have ironed out how your inside brand, we will expose that to the public with your brand image. Each unique post will be curated to your business. I will use my secret sauce of color schemes, patterns, and highly sought after copy-writing techniques to optimize your social media for optimal brand recognition.

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