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“It is my mission to help families, especially women of domestic violence, repair their credit and become financially healthy first time homebuyers.”

Valorey is a Mortgage Loan Processor and Certified Financial Health Coach.

“It is my mission to help families, especially women of domestic violence abuse, to become financially healthy homeowners.”




 From 435 FICO Domestic Violence Survivor to 700+ Homeowner and Investor

In 2017, I walked away from my past and never looked back. I was freelancing social media management and barely making ends meet. Crowded into our small 2 bedroom apartment, my three children did what we could to survive. Within just a few months my freelancing gig turned into a business.

In a short 15 months after leaving, I had raised my credit score by over 200 points, saved $10,000, and closed on my first home. I was so impressed with the mortgage process that I felt the need to pursue it as a career.

Back in 2005, I had a friend who was a mortgage broker reach out to me needing help. I showed up at her office to a desk full of stacks of loose, disorganized papers. She had me organize the files and mail them to the mortgage companies. Old school. I enjoyed it, but sadly my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and went into retirement.

I knew there was a seat for me in the real estate industry. I studied for the real estate exam, but didn’t have the desire to be a traditional agent. I spent months sending emails and networking with mortgage brokers trying to find an entry level position. I applied for every assistant job I could find on Indeed and LinkedIn.

I couldn’t even get an interview. I was dismissed, ignorantly, because I “didn’t have experience.” I did. however, have exceptional transferable skills that caught the eye of a new LinkedIn connection.

In early 2021, just a few months after having to close my marketing agency due to COVID-19, I accepted a position as a Mortgage Loan Processor. I have loved every minute of the work.

I’m excited for the future. I’ve never felt more at peace and focused. It took me a long time to discover who I am and what I was meant to do. It is my mission to help families, especially women of domestic violence abuse, to become financially healthy homeowners.




What is a Mortgage Loan Processor?

I collect, organize and prepare all of your documents and present it to a mortgage underwriter. These documents prove your loan worthiness.



What type of documents are needed to get a mortgage?

Documents needed vary by loan type, but the first set includes: paystubs, W2’s/1099’s, bank statements, tax returns, credit report, and more.




What is a Loan Processor responsible for?

I review financial documents, order title work and appraisals, verifications, review conditions, keep your file on schedule, and help prepare your file for closing. 


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