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Blogging For Beginners

Blogging for beginners can be frustrating and tedious. I don’t think I can fully express the range of emotions when starting a blog like not knowing where to start, which platform is the best, how to get people to read my blog, etc. It’s a different world from newspapers to websites.

I started writing and being published when I was a freshman in high school in 1994. My very first article made the front page of section B of the county newspaper. After writing and publishing several articles over the following weeks, I was promoted to newspaper editor. Yes, I was a freshman. A nerdy 14 year old girl fell in love with writing even though she didn’t think she was very good at it. She still doesn’t at times.

One of the most common compliments I get is that while I don’t have the best grammar, I write like I speak and people really like that.

I started freelance writing for various travel blogs in 2011. While I enjoyed the research and writing, I really wanted to write about what I enjoy and love. Writing is my best form of communication and it’s how I’ve been able to express myself.

In 2013, I started blogging in my spare time about what ever I was feeling or wanted to talk about on a free blogging platform. Over the next couple of years I had written around 354 blog posts. I had acquired a little over 1,100 subscribers and had approximately 6,500 monthly visitors to my blog. I’ll never forget the day I was looking at my analytics and saw that one of my blog posts about anxiety had been shared over 8,800 times!! I was so excited.

Not long after that my blog disappeared. Where did it go? I contacted my blog host and they couldn’t explain anything. After a few weeks of them “trying” to find my blog, I got word that it had been completely removed from their system, including backups, and whatever else IT lingo I didn’t understand. What? All of my work was just gone? Just like that?

I was devastated. Devastated so much in fact that I refused to start again for myself. I still picked up blogging gigs when I was a freelancer. I love writing, but I couldn’t handle all of that loss from years of building.

As I got more into digital marketing the more I began learning about self-hosting and more reputable blogging platforms. I moved all of my clients over to a secure platform and decided to start writing again for myself after a 2 year hiatus.Since then, I have written over 1,000 blog posts for my clients and myself combined. I have successfully grown email lists over 80,000 strong with a 22% open rate (which is well over industry average) through blogging. And that’s just for one of my clients! One client, who is VERY niche specific, has a list of only 245 emails, however her open rate averages 85%.

Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you. If you build it and optimize it, they will come and I’m going to show you how!

Speaking of optimizing… I have had hundreds of blog posts rank first page of Google and many of those in the top 3.

I’ve been through some crazy learning curves and trying to learn everything on my own by reading between the lines on some very vague websites that came up in my Google search. It seems like a lot of “professionals” put out just barely enough information, but purposely leave out very important details that can make or break your blogging experience.

This is where I come in to share the juicy secrets.

Here are a 10 steps to get you started blogging that we will be going over in our Facebook group later this month:

Blogging for Beginners 101

  1. Pick a niche and get really specific.
  2. Pick a platform you trust and is user-friendly to your skill level
  3. Keep your design simple and just focus on your writing
  4. Write for yourself, not what you think others want to know
  5. Optimize your blog to collect subscribers and collect their email addresses
  6. Keyword research and basic search engine optimization
  7. Ask your readers for feedback, comments, and ask them to share your blog post
  8. Point them to follow you on social media
  9. Be consistent and commit to a schedule
  10. Give it all away and be patient

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