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The 3+1Method 

Learn how to manage social media like a pro, create captivating content, and get your audience to engage!

Social media can be tricky. You’ve tried a few things, maybe you have taken a few courses online, and yet you still struggle to get results from social media. 

It’s okay. I’m going to teach you how to build a social media strategy that fosters engagement + delivers results using the 3+1Method.

What is the 3+1Method?

During the last 8 years of managing social media for local small businesses, I discovered a pattern that was working for every client. Although the content itself was different, the method I used was the same and they we’re all having great results. 

While the algorithms are always changing, we didn’t find ourselves struggling. I discovered a steady constant that has built amazing social media accounts. 

Who Benefits From This Course

  • Small Business Owners
  • Social Media Managers
  • Virtual Assistants/Freelancers 
  • Aspiring Social Media Managers
  • Influencers or Self-Branding Individuals

Level - All experience levels

  • Monthly webinar training sessions
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Weekly office hours
  • Ongoing support & encouragement
  • Learn at your own pace and skill level
  • Membership site coming soon!

Course Objectives

  • 3+1Method Strategies 
  • Objectives + Framework
  • Analytics + Platforms
  • Planning + Creating
  • Delivering + Fostering
  • Audience Building + Engagement

We help business owners gain exposure, get their message heard, + increase their profits through the power of digital marketing with strategic social media management that fosters engagement + delivers results using my 3+1Method.


CEO, ValoreyMedia

What you’ll learn in Social Academy VIP

  • How to manage your social media like a pro
  • How to create content for your audience wants
  • How to deliver your content strategically + with purpose
  • How to get your audience to engage with your content
  • How to evaluate how well your social media is performing
  • How to sell without being salesy
  • How to scale your social media
  • and much more!

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