Valorey Salter, Mortgage Loan Processor

Valorey is a Mortgage Loan Processor and Certified Financial Health Coach.

“It is my mission to help 10,000 families along the Alabama and Florida panhandle to become financially healthy homeowners.”

What is a Mortgage Loan Processor?

I collect, organize and prepare all of your documents and present it to a mortgage underwriter. These documents prove your loan worthiness.

What type of documents are needed to get a mortgage?

Documents needed vary by loan type, but the first set includes: paystubs, W2’s/1099’s, bank statements, tax transcripts, credit report, and more.

What is a Loan Processor responsible for?

I review financial documents, order title work and appraisals, verifications, clear conditions, keep your file on schedule, and help prepare your file for closing.

003 – Why Would an Employer Need to Check My Credit? valorey

Why Would a Potential Employer Need to Check My Credit? “I lost my job due to COVID-19, so I’ve been desperately seeking employment. I’ve put out several applications and finally got a call back to interview. During the interview, they told me that they perform a credit check on the person that they choose. Why would a potential employer need to check my credit?” Thank you to a loyal friend and client for this question. There are many reasons why a potential employer will want to check your credit before you are officially hired. We will go over those reasons in this blog post, as well as what they can see, your rights, and if the state of your financial health will cost you a great job. According to, in 2018 approximately 95% if employers used some type of background screening in their employment process. However, only 16% will ask to pull your credit. Background checks are needed for a multitude of reasons and resources such as: Criminal background Identity verification Credit report Education verification Driving records Drug & Alcohol testing Sex Offender Registry Professional License Verification International check Social Media But, why would they need to check my credit in the first place? This practice is most common where you are being considered for a leadership position, jobs that involve money, jobs where you would be responsible for confidential information, and many more. If it doesn’t make sense to you, be honest and ask why they perform credit checks and what they are looking for. This is a great way to set your mind at ease while you await to complete the employment process. For example, if you are being considered for a position in a bank, it would make sense that they wouldn’t want someone with a background of embezzlement. It can also give a good indication if you are truthful with the information on your application and what you told them during your interview. For more information, visit  Follow me on Instagram and TikTok – @itsvalorey  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Processor Training Certificate through The Mortgage Calculator.

UWM Initial Processor Course

Certified Financial Health Counselor through the NACCC.

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