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welcome to valoreymedia 

ValoreyMedia is a a full-service digital marketing agency based out of Robertsdale, Alabama, that takes businesses to a new level with up-to-date and relevant marketing strategies. We partner with savvy business owners who know the value of having an agency in their corner while they focus on growing their business. 

Learn How To Manage Social Media Like A Boss

Join our online community to learn how to become a successful social media manager. This group coaches all skill levels from freelancing to opening your own agency. Click the button below to learn more about Social Academy. 

Brand Strategy

We will review your goals and map the way to achieve them, realisticly, and all online.

Social Media Management

Let us do the work for you while you focus on growing your business.

My Courses

Social On Fire – Learn how to manage social media like a BOSS for yourself or others.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is managing your online presence with curated content across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social media management is more just posting to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your followers, reviewing your analytics, and researching for new opportunities that will increase reach, visibility, leads, customers and your ROI.

Who Is Social Media Management for?

Social Media Management is for anyone that owns a business regardless of size who wants to capitalize by reaching a whole new audience. Having a professional social media manager allows you to focus on running your business.

You would much rather pour into your customers and employees than be distracted learning something that will change  in a couple of weeks. Social Media Management is an investment into your business that will continue to pay for itself over again.

What is The Process Like?

Once you’ve made your inquiry, we will schedule a discovery call to allow me the proper time to review your online marketing strategy. It’s important to know what your expectations are and what you want to get out of having my services.

During our discovery call, we will discuss what my findings are and dig in to what my services can do for your business.

1. Discovery Call
After I have reviewed your current online presence, we will have a scheduled call to discuss my findings, solutions, and expectations. The call usually lasts 30-60 minutes.
2. Selecting Your Program
Once we know your expectations and your level of commitment, I will e-mail you a proposal with my recommendations. I offer three basic packages, but not all businesses are one size fits all. We can customize a package specific for your business and budget.
3. Beginning Your Program
Prior to beginning social media management, you will submit need to e-mail me your logo, brand colors (hex codes), and the fonts that you use.

If you have any photos of you, your office, your staff, the exterior of your building, and products, please send a week before your start date. Please send any testimonials or product reviews that you have.

Typically, your program will begin on the following 1st or 15th of the month.

4. Reporting
I provide monthly detailed social media reporting to all of my clients. This report will be emailed to your email address on file between the 3rd-5th of the month.

If you would like to go over the report, I am more than happy to schedule a call with you. Calls typically range from 15-30 minutes.

5. The Contract
I offer 3, 6, and 12 month contracts for social media management. I always recommend one year commitment, but no less than 6 months, so that you have an adequate amount of time to see significant results.

Prices are subject to increase so it is recommended that you lock in your rate with a contract. Contract renewals 90 days before they expire will continue to keep their locked in rate.